Budapest Mayoral Election Recount Completed, Invalid Votes Revealed

Recount Results for Budapest Mayoral Election Revealed

After a thorough recount of the invalid votes cast in the Budapest mayoral election, new information has been released by the National Election Office (NVI).

Surprising Results

The recount uncovered over 500 votes that were initially deemed invalid but were later found to be valid. The majority of these votes were in favor of Dávid Vitézy, with some for Gergely Karácsony as well. This discovery closed the gap between the candidates, although Gergely Karácsony ultimately emerged as the winner, securing victory by a narrow margin of just 54 votes.

Ballot Collection Process

Leading up to the recount, the National Election Office collected all invalid ballot papers from local election offices in Budapest before the 4 p.m. deadline on Thursday. Attila Nagy, President of the National Election Office, confirmed that the process was carried out with transparency, as members of the local election committees were present during the collection. In specific districts like the 2nd, 9th, 13th, and 15th, only local election office members were in attendance.

Attila Nagy also announced that a careful inspection of the previously invalid ballot papers would take place, separating the valid ones for review by the committee. The committee members will analyze these ballots to determine the final outcome of the recount.

As more information regarding the recount of invalid votes in the Budapest mayoral election emerges, we will continue to update this article to keep our readers informed.



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