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Two Arrested for Possession of Duty-Free Cigarettes and Electronic Hookahs in Cyprus

In a recent operation conducted by the police and customs teams in Nicosia and Boğazköy, two individuals were arrested for possession of duty-free cigarettes and electronic hookahs.

According to the Police Press Officer, the operation in Nicosia resulted in the discovery of 133 electronic cigarettes and 44 packages at a market operated by RFT (E-19) on İplik Pazarı Street. It was determined that these items were being saved and sold duty-free. RFT was arrested, and the products were seized as evidence.

In a separate incident in Boğazköy, a person was arrested for possessing duty-free electronic hookahs in his home and vehicle. The police and customs teams found a total of 281 electronic hookahs in the vehicle used by NB (E) and at his residence. NB was taken into custody, and the electronic hookahs were confiscated as evidence.

Police investigations into both cases are ongoing. It is essential to crack down on the illegal trade of duty-free products to ensure the safety and well-being of the public.


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