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“Ensuring Stability in Elections for 85 Million People”

Hulusi Akar, Turkey’s Defense Minister, spoke at an event organized by Talas Municipality where he expressed his determination to fight terrorism. Akar, who has been nominated as a Kayseri deputy candidate from the AK Party, stated that they are working for Turkey’s welfare and survival. He emphasized that Mehmetçik, the Turkish soldiers, are determined to save their noble country from the scourge of terrorism. Akar further added that there is no obstacle or problem that they cannot overcome with the strength derived from the love, trust, and prayers of the nation.

He also highlighted the importance of stability. Akar called for voters to do what is right in the elections. Stating that there are some pitfalls towards the elections, Akar claimed that there are those who are talking to terrorists and promising them advice.

Akar expressed his pride in Kayseri, where he has been nominated as a deputy candidate. The citizens also showed great interest in Akar, who later visited the Ottoman House, to meet with disabled individuals and their families.

Akar also celebrated the “Mother’s Day” of all mothers, particularly the mothers of martyrs. He acknowledged that Kayseri High School, also known as “Stone School,” has now become “Kayseri Science High School” and appreciated Mahmut Özer, Minister of National Education.

Finally, Akar spoke about how Turkey has become a subject in the international arena under the leadership of President Erdogan. According to Akar, Turkey is now a country that is listened to, not obeyed.


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