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Erdogan rejects divisive tactics and stands firm

President Erdogan reaffirmed his dedication to serving the Turkish nation in a recent social media statement. Erdogan expressed his appreciation for the support shown to him and his political movement in Kırklareli, Edirne, and Tekirdağ, which he referred to as “our border lords in the West, our frontier cities, and our unshakable castles.”

Erdogan also reminisced about a time when Kırklareli hosted him and his fellow political activists while they were facing persecution from the government. Despite the tears shed by hundreds of thousands of Turkish citizens on their behalf, Erdogan’s political movement has never forgotten the country’s steadfastness in the face of government injustice.

Moving forward, Erdogan hopes to continue building up Turkey through his leadership, despite obstacles placed in his path by bureaucratic, oppositional, and marginal organizations.

Erdogan concluded his statement by pledging to remain a servant to the Turkish people and to continue his work to grow and strengthen Turkey.


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