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Erdogan’s Response to Imamoglu’s Duty in Istanbul: Last Minute Update

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed a rally in the Istanbul district of Maltepe on Wednesday. Speaking to the crowd, Erdogan mentioned that the participation in the field is 40,000, which doesn’t include those on the road route, making the total number of participants 50,000. He added that this is not enough and they are waiting for other numbers from the ballot boxes.

Erdogan also took a swipe at his opponent, Ekrem Imamoglu from the Republican People’s Party (CHP), stating that he should complete his mission in Istanbul first before being transferred to Van. Erdogan criticized the CHP for sending Imamoglu to Van, a region that is known to have links with terrorist organizations.

The Turkish President also talked about the recent local election in Istanbul, saying that the people of Istanbul chose “unity and solidarity against those who seek help from terrorist organizations.” Erdogan called out the CHP for their supposed partnership with terrorist groups and for not being able to keep their promises.

Apart from the political issues, Erdogan spoke about several other matters, including the earthquake zone, the lowest wage of public workers, and the biggest urban transformation campaigns of the country within the scope of disaster preparedness.

The Turkish President reminded the people that their mistake at the ballot box would have grave consequences and emphasized the importance of making the right choice on election day.

The election campaign in Turkey has been a heated one, with accusations and counter-accusations coming from both sides. With the election day closing in, tensions are at an all-time high, and the outcome of the elections can have far-reaching consequences for Turkey and its people.


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