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The Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Chairman, Tufan Erhürman, recently spoke about the extraordinary meeting held in the Assembly of the Republic with the Cyprus agenda. Erhürman expressed his disappointment with the meeting, stating that familiar issues and thoughts were repeated without much productivity or usefulness.

The meeting, called by the CTP, was held in anticipation of the United Nations Secretary-General’s Personal Representative in Cyprus, Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar, visiting Cyprus in the near future. Erhürman emphasized the importance of hearing the opinions of the members of parliament on this matter.

While acknowledging differences with President Ersin Tatar on the solution to the Cyprus issue, Erhürman emphasized the need for the Turkish Cypriot side to engage in constructive dialogue and avoid conflicting arguments. He also criticized the rejection of Maria Angela Holguin Cuellar’s request for a three-way meeting, urging President Tatar to act in the best interest of the Turkish Cypriot people and not put them in a disadvantageous position.

Erhürman also criticized Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Hristodulidis for his role in overturning the table during the Crans Montana talks. He questioned the narrative that Hristodulidis is a party seeking a solution while Tatar avoids negotiations and dialogue.

Regarding the recent elections in Southern Cyprus, Erhürman clarified that the elected officials in the region do not represent the Turkish Cypriot people. He noted that the evolution of politics in Southern Cyprus is a matter for its residents and political parties to assess.

In conclusion, Erhürman criticized the decision to close the extraordinary session and voted against it, citing a lack of new information to justify its closure. The efforts to find a resolution to the Cyprus issue continue amidst differing viewpoints and challenges in the region.


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