Exploring Turkey: From Muş to Bingöl

“Rotahane Explores Turkey City by City: Muş and Bingöl on the Route”

“Rotahane”, a tourism initiative spearheaded by Pervin Ersoy, the wife of Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, is on a mission to showcase the beauty of Turkey and boost domestic tourism. The latest stops on Rotahane’s itinerary were the picturesque cities of Muş and Bingöl.

During their visit, Ersoy and her delegation had the opportunity to explore the historical and touristic attractions that these two cities have to offer. From ancient landmarks to stunning natural landscapes, Muş and Bingöl captivated the Rotahane team with their unique charm and rich cultural heritage.

As Rotahane continues its journey across the country, promoting lesser-known destinations and encouraging travelers to explore Turkey’s diverse regions, it is clear that the initiative is playing a crucial role in revitalizing domestic tourism and showcasing the country’s hidden gems. Stay tuned to see where Rotahane will head next on its exploration of Turkey, one city at a time.


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