Exportation of Mongolian Gers to USA and Australia

The Mongolian Ger, also known around the world as a yurt, is becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly and affordable off-grid home for a variety of purposes, including glamping and yoga studios. Mongolia exports around 1000 yurts each year to various countries such as China, Russia, Australia, and the United States. However, most of the profit from these exports are retained by foreign intermediaries who purchase cheap yurts in Mongolia and resell them for a significant markup.

Ashid Ger LLC is the only company in Mongolia that makes yurts in their own workshop and delivers them directly to customers without any intermediaries. They offer their yurts for sale through The company uses materials that are better suited for hot and humid climates outside of Mongolia. They make regular shipments to the US and Australia, and they ship yurts to other countries on-demand.

In their latest shipment to Australia, the company delivered and helped set up multiple Mongolian yurts in off-grid locations in Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania, including a large 11-meter yurt that was used as a retirement home. The Mongolian house has important advantages such as portability, thermal insulation, and good air circulation. The traditional home used by Mongolians and other Central Asian nomads is known abroad by its Russian name, yurt.

On average, about 1,000 houses are exported from Mongolia to different countries, and most of them go to companies. However, Ashid Ger Co., Ltd. is responsible for the entire process from production to delivery to foreign customers, so more added value is retained in Mongolia. The company develops and improves Mongolian home designs and materials to cater to the needs of foreign consumers and the hot and humid climate. They export these products to the United States and Australia under the Original Yurts brand.

In summary, the Mongolian Ger is an attractive home option for those looking for eco-friendly and affordable off-grid living. Ashid Ger LLC is leading the way in making these yurts available to customers around the world without any intermediaries, ensuring that more value is retained in Mongolia.


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