First New Spanish CAF Tram Arrives in Budapest

The first compartments of the 51 Spanish CAF trams to be assembled in Budapest have arrived in the city, announced the municipal public transport company BKK on Monday. This new addition will increase the ratio of low-floor trams in Budapest from 30 percent to 40 percent.

The CAF components will be put together by Hungarian mechanics under the supervision of the trams’ Spanish manufacturer. It is expected that all 51 trams will be fully assembled and ready to run by late summer in 2026. These new trams, purchased with European Union co-financing, will operate in south-eastern Budapest.

BKK is also considering the purchase of an additional 110 modern trams before the year 2030 to further improve public transportation in the city.

In related news, a huge renovation project is set to begin in Budapest this year, with potential traffic jams expected as a result. Additionally, trains in Hungary are being replaced on numerous lines due to a significant shortage of vehicles experienced by MÁV.

Stay tuned for more updates on public transportation developments in Budapest.


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