From Prison to Parliament: The Controversial Journey of an MEP

Ilaria Salis, an ANTIFA activist accused in the “Budapest ANTIFA attacks,” has made headlines by winning a seat in the European Parliament. Despite facing legal proceedings in Hungary for over a year, Salis managed to secure a significant number of votes in the recent EP elections, earning her a spot with the Greens and Left Alliance.

Her victory comes as a surprise to many, especially considering the serious charges brought against her. Salis was arrested in February 2023 on charges of aggravated injury and politically motivated criminal conspiracy for her alleged involvement in attacks on innocent people in Budapest. Despite rejecting a plea deal and facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence, she maintained her innocence throughout the legal process.

The Greens and Left Alliance, who supported Salis during her candidacy, have emphasized the importance of protecting the rights and dignity of all European citizens. They condemned the treatment Salis received during her detention, rallying behind her as a symbol of the fight for fundamental human rights and the rule of law in the European Union.

With Salis now serving as an MEP, the Alliance is expected to push for legislative measures to safeguard the rights of individuals involved in criminal proceedings across the EU. This development marks a significant moment in Salis’s tumultuous journey, from a controversial figure in a high-profile trial to a representative in the European Parliament.


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