Gonyeli-Alayköy Mayor Amcaoğlu assesses post-rain situation.

Mayor Hüseyin Amcaoğlu of Gönyeli – Alayköy has acknowledged the importance of being prepared for climate changes following the showers and hail that fell last weekend. In a recent statement made by the municipality, Amcaoğlu emphasized the need to take climate change seriously and to tighten preparations for future weather conditions.

During a program, Amcaoğlu highlighted the fact that there are noticeable climate changes, and that they need to be ready for it as a country and municipality. He acknowledged that necessary measures have been taken to identify any potential deficiencies and that they will be eliminated to ensure future preparedness.

“Unfortunately, we are experiencing climate change, and it is crucial that we prepare ourselves under all conditions,” Amcaoğlu said. “We will continue to work towards being prepared for any future weather conditions and changes.”

The municipality’s statement indicates the importance of being alert and vigilant towards climate changes and taking necessary measures to mitigate potential risks. It serves as a reminder to other cities and towns to take proactive steps towards climate change and to be ready for any future weather-related events.


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