High Demand for Petrochemical Products in Foreign Markets

Turkmenistan’s Petrochemical Products in High Demand at State Commodity Exchange

During the trading session on February 10, the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan saw a high demand for the country’s petrochemical products on the foreign market.

Entrepreneurs from Georgia were among the buyers who signed a deal with the State Concern Turkmennebit for the purchase of polypropylene of the TPP D 382 BF brand. Additionally, Afghan businessmen also signed a deal with the State Concern Turkmennebit for the purchase of hydrotreated diesel fuel. Meanwhile, representatives of business circles from the United Arab Emirates purchased aviation kerosene of the TS-1 brand.

In total, three deals were concluded during the auction, amounting to a total of $17,630.

For those interested in keeping track of the quotations on the State Commodity Exchange of Turkmenistan, they can be found at https://orient.tm/en/old/post/68222/bidding-scrmet-petrochemical-products-were-high-demand-foreign-market.

With petrochemical products from Turkmenistan gaining significant traction in the foreign market, the country’s position as a key player in the global petrochemical industry seems to be strengthening.

Photo credit: exchange.gov.tm


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