Hungarian Extra Air Passenger Tax Abolished, Potential Ticket Price Decrease!

The Hungarian state is set to take on the role of the primary decision-maker in the development of Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport, as announced by the national economy minister on Tuesday. According to Marton Nagy, passenger traffic at the airport is projected to reach an annual 20 million by the end of the decade, with the potential to surpass 25 million by 2040 if necessary developments are carried out.

Nagy highlighted the French airport operator Vinci as an ideal partner and co-investor in the airport’s acquisition, emphasizing its extensive experience in managing over 70 airports across multiple countries. He emphasized Vinci’s commitment to ensuring efficient operations at the airport.

The government has announced plans to abolish extra taxes and initiate the construction of a high-speed railway and highway connected to the airport. These infrastructure developments are crucial for the airport’s expansion, with a third terminal slated to open in 2032. The government is exploring various financing options, including concession agreements, as the cost of railway and road projects could exceed 1 billion euros.

While discussing the future development plans, Nagy mentioned the potential involvement of a Qatari investment fund as a third investor in the airport, subject to approval by current stakeholders. He also confirmed that the windfall profit extra tax on airlines will be phased out starting January.

Addressing recent delays, Nagy revealed that HungaroControl’s oversight will shift from the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry for National Economy, effective August 1. The minister expressed confidence in the airport’s future growth potential and reassured stakeholders that the purchase price of 3.1 billion euros was realistic and aligned with market expectations.

As the Hungarian government takes charge of shaping the future of Budapest’s airport, stakeholders can anticipate significant developments and improvements to enhance the airport’s efficiency and passenger experience.



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