Hungarian Set Decorator of “Poor Things” Nominated for Oscar!

Hungarian Film Poor Things Nominated for 11 Academy Awards

The Hungarian film, Poor Things, has been making waves in the film industry after receiving 11 Academy Award nominations, including the prestigious category of Best Production Design. Zsuzsa Mihalek, one of the set decorators for the film, is in the running to potentially take home an Oscar at this year’s gala.

According to reports from, many movie journals have touted Mihalek’s chances of winning the award, which could mark a significant achievement for Hungary in the film industry. This wouldn’t be the first time Hungarian talent has been recognized at the Oscars, as Zsuzsnna (Zsuzsi) Sipos recently won the Academy Award for Best Production Design for her work on Dune, which was also shot in Hungary.

The 96th Oscar Gala is slated to take place on 10th March, and with 11 nominations, Poor Things is among the top contenders for this year’s awards. The film’s set decorators, Zsuzsa Mihalek, James Price, and Shona Heath, have been praised for their work in creating an unreal visual world that has captivated audiences and critics alike.

Experts in the industry believe that Poor Things is in strong contention for the Oscar, with some speculating that the film’s bold visual aesthetics could sway the decision-makers. While the competition is fierce, with other feminist productions like Barbie also vying for top honors, American media outlets such as Variety, IndieWire, and Screen Rant have already tipped Poor Things for victory in certain categories.

As the anticipation builds for the upcoming gala, all eyes are on the Hungarian-made film as it looks to make a significant impact at this year’s Academy Awards. With the ceremony fast approaching, fans and critics alike eagerly await the outcome, with many hoping to see Hungary’s film industry once again shine on the international stage.


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