Investigation Finds Claims of Damaged Imported Meat Packaging Are Unfounded – BRTK

The Soil Products Institution (TÜK) has addressed recent reports claiming that damaged meat packaging was being resold to the public, stating that this information is false.

According to a statement released by the institution, frozen lamb meat with bones that was imported from the Netherlands and distributed in the country last week quickly sold out due to high demand from consumers. The statement clarified that inspections conducted by the Veterinary Department Directorate in various butcher departments determined that the meat was being stored and sold in -18 degree coolers in compliance with regulations, without compromising the integrity of the packaging.

The statement also highlighted that while some customers choose to have their meat sliced at the butcher shop for convenience, others prefer to purchase it in its original packaging. This practice allows butcher shops with better facilities and equipment to cater to different customer preferences.

Overall, the Soil Products Institution assured the public that proper measures are in place to ensure the quality and safety of meat products sold in the market, emphasizing the importance of following established guidelines for storage and handling.



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