Kazakhstan to Roll Out Earthquake Alert System This Month

ALMATY – Kazakhstan is gearing up to introduce the Mass Alert earthquake early warning system in pilot mode by June 1. This significant step towards ensuring seismic safety in the country was announced during a meeting held in Almaty on May 18, chaired by Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Kanat Bozumbayev.

At the meeting, Bozumbayev emphasized the importance of accelerating the implementation of an emergency warning system for the population, especially in earthquake-prone regions. The system is designed to operate seamlessly and provide timely alerts to residents in case of seismic activity.

One of the key technologies to be utilized for population notification is Cell Broadcast, which allows for rapid and widespread dissemination of alerts without adding to network congestion. Almaty Akim (Mayor) Yerbolat Dossayev highlighted the efficiency of this technology in reaching all subscribers within the coverage area of base station antennas.

In addition to the early warning system, measures to enhance buildings’ seismic resilience were also discussed at the meeting. Minister of Industry and Construction Kanat Sharlapayev outlined the mandatory seismic isolation system for construction projects in high-seismicity areas, with revisions made to technical and regulatory documentation.

To further strengthen earthquake preparedness, Bozumbayev instructed authorities to align construction standards with international best practices, particularly drawing from the experience of countries like Japan. Supervision over compliance with these standards will be intensified through the involvement of accredited laboratories.

Moreover, government agencies have developed an algorithm for responding to earthquakes, including informing the public, coordinating rescue efforts, and setting up field and mobile hospitals. The Ministry of Emergency Situations has been tasked with testing this algorithm during the upcoming Zher large-scale exercises in early June.

To ensure continuous monitoring of seismic activity and preparedness, the ministries involved have been directed to conduct regular training sessions and exercises to familiarize the population with appropriate response actions in the event of an earthquake.

Overall, the introduction of the Mass Alert earthquake early warning system and the focus on seismic resilience reflect Kazakhstan’s commitment to safeguarding its citizens and infrastructure from the impact of natural disasters.


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