“Meet the 2023 Rize Deputy Candidates: AK Party, CHP, MHP, IYI Party, and Green Left Party”

As the parliamentary elections in Turkey approach, voters in the province of Rize are looking for information on the candidates from each party. Rize, with a population of over 350,000, will be one of the provinces with the most deputies in the parliament due to its population. There will be 3 deputies from Rize in the 2023 parliamentary elections.

The districts that will have the most significant impact on the election results in Rize are Ardeşen, Çamlıhemşin, Çayeli, Derepazarı, Fındıklı, Güneysu, Hemşin, İkizdere, Iyidere, Kalkandere, and Pazar.

Various political parties have fielded strong candidates to compete for the votes of the people of Rize. Here’s a closer look at the candidates representing various political parties:

● National Party: Ali Riza Altinsoy, Ibrahim Yalçinkaya, and Kadir January

● Party of Rights and Freedoms: Azad Sagnich, Murat Negiz, and Salih Eryağal

● Communist Party of Türkiye: Emine Emin, Sultan Vedat, and Arif Hikmet Basa

● Communist Movement in Türkiye: Ümran Karul, Umurcan Karaman, and Nurgul Sarikaya

● Left Party: Yer Pirim, Emine Ertas, and Ozlem Afacan

● Youth Party: Mehmet Akif Kaba, Serkan Kaba, and Sermin Demirci

● Justice and Development Party: Muhammed Avcı, Harun Mertoglu, and Yılmaz Katmer

● Party for Reward: Mehmet Akif Zerdeci, Samet Sisman, and Mumin Bakirci

● Nationalist Movement Party: Recep Bakirci, Remzi Kutanoğlu, and Yunus Emre Öztürk

● Greens and the Left Future Party: Ayse Bekar, Necmettin Durmus, and Ali Hamdi Cuvelek

● Workers’ Party of Türkiye: Bilsay Kanat, Metin Black Sea, and Aybuke Gezerel

● Homeland Party: Çilem Poember, Mikail Bayram, and Mehmet Kılıç

● Innovation Party: Mustafa Uygur, Saban Yildiz, and Ridvan Yildiz

● People’s Liberation Party: Yusuf Kaba, Talat Ali Kündeş, and Gizem Karaca

● National Road Party: Serdar Balcı, Abdul Kadir Karahan, and Tuncay Taylan

● Vatan Party: Salih Öksüz, Erdogan Bakoglu, and Kasım Yücel Babuçuoğlu

● Power Union Party: Zehra Oğur, Bayram Başkan, and Filiz Karaer

● Republic People’s Party: Tahsin Portakal, Köksal Toptan, and Muhammet Yıldız

● Justice Party: Recep Kose, Afghan Beadlers, and Haydar Kandemir

● Victory Party: Gokhan Akyildiz, Davut Yazici, and Yusuf Sari.

With so many candidates to choose from, voters in Rize will have a range of options to choose from on election day.


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