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Minister Kirisci: May 14 holds equal significance regardless of Sutcu Imam’s first bullet – Latest Update

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci recently participated in the lottery drawing for temporary traders’ bazaars in Kahramanmaraş. Speaking at the event, Kirişci emphasized the importance of traders, saying they are the lifeblood of the city’s economy. He added that as the government, they always care about the traders.

During his speech, Kirişci talked about the new planes and helicopters that were added to his ministry’s fleet. He said that last year they paid $134 million to lease 55 helicopters, 20 planes and 8 UAVs. However, this year they are taking a different approach. Kirişci announced that on May 3, they established their own air fleet with three helicopters and 20 aircraft. Additionally, a private plane worth $10 million was bought and is now used in four countries worldwide.

Furthermore, Kirişci shared his hopes for Turkey’s future defense industry. He introduced the national combat aircraft ‘Kaan’ and said that if Turkey has the technology and infrastructure to produce it, they could place themselves among the top 5 countries in the world. He expressed his optimism that Kahramanmaraş could become a hub for the defense industry and produce such aircraft in the future.

The minister also spoke about the upcoming elections and said that they were not just an election, but an agenda-setting moment for the country. He urged the neighborhood headmen to pay attention to this issue and make it a national concern. He said that the election was not a political choice, but a struggle for the country’s existence.

In conclusion, Mayor Hayrettin Güngör announced the completion of 1854 of the planned 3894 temporary bazaars. He revealed that a total of 223 were drawn at the event, giving temporary workplace to 83 individuals.


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