New Appointment in Telecommunication Department: Kanlı replaces Elagoz.

The Director of Telecommunication Department, Eniz Elagöz, has been dismissed from his position and Ömer Kanlı has been appointed as the new director as of today, according to a decree published in the Official Gazette. Elagöz was appointed as the Director of the Telecommunication Department in 2016, but has now resigned from his post pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 3 of the Top Level Managers Law. The appointment decree states that Kanlı will become the new Director of Telecommunication Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, which falls under paragraph (2) of Article 2 of the Top Level Managers Law. It is also noted that Kanlı will receive the salary of the position from the date of his appointment, and may be dismissed from his duties without reason in the future.


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