New Mayors Announced in Southern Cyprus Following Local Elections

Local Elections in Southern Cyprus: New Mayors Elected

In the recent local elections held in Southern Cyprus, presidential elections were conducted in 29 municipalities, and new mayors have been announced. According to reports from the “” news site, the mayoral positions have been filled in various cities.

Haralambos Pruncos emerged victorious in the mayoral race for the Greek part of Nicosia, while Yannis Armeftis secured the position in Limassol. Andreas Viras was elected as the mayor of Larnaca, and Fedonas Fedonos won in Paphos. Additionally, Simos John retained his mayorship in the so-called “Maraş” region.

The news revealed that Pruncos received 56.8 percent of the votes in Nicosia, with support from AKEL, EDEK, and Volt parties. Armeftis garnered 48.5 percent in Limassol, with the backing of AKEL, DIKO, EDEK, and Volt. Viras, the newly-elected mayor of Larnaca, had support from AKEL, DIKO, DİPA-Collaboration, Volt, and the Animal Party. Fedonas Fedonos, the mayor-elect of Paphos, was supported by DISY and DİPA-Collaboration.

Moreover, Konstantinos Yorgacis, the former mayor of Nicosia, clinched victory in the district governor race for Southern Nicosia with 54 percent of the votes. The election also saw the appointment of district governors in Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, and the so-called “Maraş” region.

Yorgacis will become the district governor in the Greek part of Nicosia, while Yannis Çuluftas, Angelos Hacıharalambus, Haralambos Pittokopitis, and Yannis Karusos will serve as district governors in other areas. The elections have brought new leadership to key positions in the region, setting the stage for governance and development in Southern Cyprus.


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