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One Fatality and Three Injuries in Soma Mine Landslide

Tragedy in Turkish Lignite Mine as Landslide Claims One Life

A landslide occurred during excavation work in an aboveground lignite quarry operated by a private company near Sarıkaya Mahallesi. The incident trapped four employees in trucks and construction equipment in the region, and a large number of firefighters, AFAD, UMKE and gendarmerie teams were sent to the mine. Unfortunately, one of the miners lost their life in the collapse caused by the landslide, and all three of the other miners who were injured were taken to the hospital and are being closely monitored.

Mehmet Şeren, Mehmet Arslan and Onur Topbaş, who were under the ground, were rescued by the work of their colleagues, but it was determined that Fesih Acar lost his life. In a statement from the Manisa Governor’s Office, officials expressed their condolences and confirmed the details of the tragic event.

Mining accidents are a frequent occurrence in Turkey, where poor safety standards are commonplace. This tragic event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of proper safety regulations and measures to protect workers in all industries.


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