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Operation Post-Release Supervision for Cyber Criminals

Istanbul Police Department Conducts Successful Operation against Cyber Criminals

The Anti-Cyber Crime Branch team of the Istanbul Police Department has successfully carried out an operation against those who have finalized prison sentences. The teams worked tirelessly to arrest 15 individuals who had completed prison sentences ranging from 3 years 4 months to 21 years 3 months, and who constantly changed their addresses to avoid being caught.

Most of those arrested were found guilty of fraud and were sought after using banks and credit institutions as tools through information systems. In addition, some individuals were charged with theft by using information systems, while others were arrested for gaining profit by unauthorized use of someone else’s bank or credit card. Two fugitives who were wanted for illegal betting were also caught in the operation.

The success of this operation is a tribute to the relentless efforts of the Anti-Cyber Crime Branch in its fight against cybercrime. The police department has sent a strong message to the cybercriminals that their illegal activities will not go unpunished. It has also shown that the department is committed to tracking down and bringing to justice those who engage in fraudulent activities using digital platforms.

The public has been advised to remain vigilant against cybercrime and to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. The Istanbul Police Department has urged citizens to take measures to protect themselves against cybercrime, such as using strong passwords and keeping their computers and mobile devices safe.

Overall, this operation represents a clear victory against cybercrime and sends a strong message to those who may be considering engaging in illegal activities using digital platforms. The police department’s efforts to combat cybercrime will continue to receive support from the public and will ensure that Istanbul remains a safe and secure city for all.


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