Orban declares Hungarian democracy is thriving

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has declared that democracy in Hungary is “alive and well” following the recent elections. In an interview with current affairs channel M1, Orbán expressed his gratitude to voters for the impressive 57 percent turnout in Sunday’s elections.

Fidesz, the ruling party in Hungary, has once again emerged victorious in the European parliamentary elections, securing over 50 percent of the vote. With a record number of votes cast for Fidesz, Orbán emphasized the importance of mobilizing the party’s base, noting that this election was seen as a matter of “war or peace”.

Orbán acknowledged the complexity of the election, which coincided with local elections and required Fidesz to compete against both old and new opposition parties, ultimately securing a 14-15 percent lead over the nearest competitor.

Looking ahead, Orbán expressed confidence that if a general election had been held on Sunday, Fidesz would have once again secured a two-thirds majority. He described the ruling party’s victory in the EP election as “convincing” and “streets ahead” of the competition.

In terms of European politics, Orbán highlighted the victory of the pro-peace side in the European parliamentary elections, emphasizing the need to prevent Europe’s drift towards war. He also alluded to the upcoming visit of President Donald Trump, suggesting that his presence would bring about peace on the continent.

While Fidesz may have fewer MEPs in the European Parliament following the election, Orbán views the overall results as a victory for the party. As the election results continue to unfold, Orbán remains optimistic about the future of Hungary under Fidesz leadership.


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