President Ersin Tatar Hosts TRNC Scout Leaders Association Delegation

President Ersin Tatar Meets with TRNC Scout Leaders Association Delegation

President Ersin Tatar recently received and met with the TRNC Scout Leaders Association delegation. During the meeting, President Tatar emphasized the importance of scouting as a culture of life and a sport. He expressed his appreciation for the efforts made to keep scouting alive in the country for years and to continue it among the youth.

President Tatar wished the delegation success in their scouting activities and encouraged them to continue living in unity and solidarity with nature. The TRNC Scout Leaders Association delegation also took the opportunity to inform President Tatar about the various scouting activities they have been carrying out.

The meeting highlights the significance of scouting in promoting values of unity, solidarity, and connection with nature among the youth. President Tatar’s support for the organization is a testament to the importance of scouting in fostering personal growth and community engagement.


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