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Rising Death Toll in Kenya’s Hunger Cult Investigation

A “hunger cult” investigation in Kenya has caused a significant increase in the loss of life, which is now up to 201 people. Recently, search and rescue efforts have found the dead bodies of 22 more individuals in the Shakahola Forest in the southeast of Kenya. There are still hundreds of people missing as search and rescue efforts continue. The incident has led to 26 detentions.

On Friday, the dead bodies of 29 people, including 12 children, were found in a cemetery in what has been described as one of Kenya’s worst tragedies. The “hunger cult” leader, Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, is currently in police custody after the dead bodies of 4 people were found to have died of starvation. He promised his followers that they would meet Jesus and “go to heaven” but led them down a dangerous path.

The investigation is ongoing and the court has denied the cult leader’s request to be released on bail. The tragedy has caused deep sorrow and concern for the people of Kenya and highlights the need for greater awareness of cults and their dangers.


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