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President Ersin Tatar of Northern Cyprus recently addressed the press following a closed session with the Assembly of the Republic, where he provided updates on the Cyprus issue. Tatar emphasized that the negotiation process has not yet begun due to a lack of common ground, as the other side refuses to acknowledge Northern Cyprus’ sovereignty.

During the approximately 4-hour closed session, Tatar expressed gratitude to the Assembly President and all deputies for the opportunity to discuss the sensitive matter of Cyprus. He highlighted the importance of transparency in addressing state sensitivities, despite the closed nature of the session.

Tatar revealed that despite efforts to establish common ground for negotiations, the refusal to accept Northern Cyprus’ sovereignty has hindered progress. He stressed the need for patience and the importance of strengthening relations with Turkish states.

In response to claims that he requested the closed session, Tatar clarified that he did not initiate the decision and that such discussions are typically conducted behind closed doors. He reaffirmed the clarity of Northern Cyprus’ position and the necessity of promoting its recognition on the global stage.

The President concluded by reaffirming the rights of Turkish Cypriots to sovereignty and autonomy, based on historical international agreements. He pledged to continue advocating for the recognition of Northern Cyprus as a separate entity and ensuring the peace and security of its people.


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