Survivor Reveals Nagihan’s Earnings and Claims He Will Continue to Receive Money

The departure of Survivor Turabi from the competition and the return of Nagihan from disqualification have been a hot topic of discussion. The team at Söylemezsem Olmaz has made various comments on this issue.

According to Didem Delen, “Acun is very aware of Turabi’s social media power and his skills as a competitor. It was mentioned that a short-term agreement was made, suggesting that Nagihan will also return.”

“Nagihan and Turabi are known for making different agreements due to their high ratings and strong personalities,” added another commentator.

In addition, Bilal Özcan’s monthly earnings announcement has also caught the attention of many. One commentator claimed, “Let me tell you how much money Nagihan gets, it is not a small amount. She receives 400 thousand liras a month, which is 100 thousand liras a week. This will continue as long as she stays in the competition. It is not a lot for the work she does.”

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