Tajikistan Reduces Banned Jobs for Women

Tajikistan Reduces List of Jobs Forbidden for Women

Tajikistan has made significant progress in gender equality by reducing the number of jobs that are forbidden for women to do. The new list now includes 194 professions and types of work that are off-limits to women, down from the previous 334.

This move marks a significant step towards gender equality in the workplace in Tajikistan, where traditional attitudes towards the role of women have limited their employment opportunities. The reduction of the banned job list shows a willingness on the part of the government to address gender discrimination and promote equal opportunities for women in the workforce.

The decision to reduce the list comes after criticism from international human rights organizations and pressure to improve women’s rights in the country. The move is expected to open up new opportunities for women to pursue careers in a wider range of fields, thus contributing to the overall economic development and growth of Tajikistan.

While the reduced list is a positive step, there is still work to be done to ensure that women have equal access to employment opportunities and are not discriminated against in the workplace. It is important for the government to continue efforts to promote and protect women’s rights and to create an environment where women can thrive in their professional lives.

Tajikistan’s decision to reduce the number of jobs forbidden for women is a welcome development and a sign of progress towards gender equality. It is hoped that this change will lead to greater empowerment and opportunities for women in the country.


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