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The Arsonist: From Forests to Prison Bedding

A fire that broke out in a commemorative forest for martyred police officers in the Belediye Evleri District of Çukurova on September 24, 2021, has been linked to arson. The fire, which was extinguished by firefighters, prompted an investigation that led to the arrest of Ali İhsan Ergin Kurttepe.

Kurttepe was caught red-handed and subsequently arrested for deliberately starting a forest fire. It was revealed that Kurttepe had connections to PKK members in Iraq and had a history of reading news about forest fires. He was sentenced to twice aggravated life imprisonment for his involvement in disrupting the unity and territorial integrity of the state by burning forests as part of terrorist organization activities.

In addition to his prison sentence, Kurttepe is facing additional charges for damaging public property. It was reported in the indictment that Kurttepe set fire to the pillow and blanket provided to him by the institution while in prison, causing damage to the facility. The prosecution is seeking a prison sentence of 1 to 4 years for this offense.

The investigation into the forest fires in the Belediye Evleri District of Çukurova has shed light on the dangerous consequences of arson and the legal consequences for those responsible for such destructive acts.



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