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The Killer’s Return: A Murder that Shook Turkey

Two suspects, identified as O.Ö. and Fırat B., have been apprehended in connection with the murder of Sedef Güler (24) whose lifeless body was discovered by fishermen in the sea in Büyükçekmece Mimar Sinan. The victim’s body was found with her hands and feet tied and wrapped in a carpet.

The investigation by detectives from the Public Order Bureau of the Büyükçekmece District Police Department revealed crucial evidence that led to the arrest of the suspects. Fırat B. was first identified through a washing ticket found on the carpet that was used to wrap the young girl’s body.

It has been revealed that the murder took place at an address in Beylikdüzü, where the suspects purchased a chain from a hardware store. They then proceeded to tie Güler to the carpet, attach a weight to her foot, and dispose of her body in the sea.

Following interrogation by the Public Security Branch Directorate Homicide Bureau teams, the suspects were transferred to the courthouse for further legal proceedings.

Reports indicate that one of the suspects returned to the scene a day later to verify if the victim’s body had sunk. The search for another suspect, Yavuz G., is ongoing.

Upon being brought to the courthouse, one of the suspects, Fırat G., denied the allegations and claimed that he was threatened with a gun by the actual perpetrator. The investigation into the murder of Sedef Güler continues as authorities work to bring all those involved to justice.


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