Treasures of the Mongol Empire: Ancient Artifacts on Display

The Chinggis Khan Museum in Mongolia has once again proven its status as an internationally recognized institution with its latest exhibition. Established through the initiative of the President of Mongolia, this modern museum has met international standards and has gained global recognition.

In a recent collaboration with major international museums and archives, including The Louvre Museum, the National Archives of France, and the Rietberg Museum in Switzerland, the Chinggis Khan Museum is now hosting a special exhibition showcasing valuable artifacts from the countries of The Mongol Empire. These artifacts, related to the Mongol Empire, the Il Kingdom, the Yuan State, and the Kidan State, offer a rare glimpse into the history and culture of this powerful empire.

Last year, an international exhibition about Chinggis Khan in Nantes, France drew in over 250,000 viewers in just six months, showcasing the enduring fascination with this iconic figure. Now, Mongolians have the opportunity to see these precious artifacts that are usually preserved in European countries, right in their own country.

The exhibition will run from July 3 to August 25, giving visitors a limited time to explore and learn about the rich history of the Mongol Empire. This exhibition not only highlights the significance of these artifacts but also solidifies the Chinggis Khan Museum’s capability to host international-level exhibitions. It is a testament to the museum’s dedication to preserving and showcasing the history and heritage of Mongolia for the world to see.



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