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“Underground Mine Accident in Soma: 5 Workers Injured from Dent”

Collapse at Soma Mine Leaves Five Workers Trapped

A collapse occurred in an above-ground mine in the Darkale region of Manisa’s Soma district on Wednesday night, leaving five workers trapped underground. The incident happened at around 9 pm local time, and emergency services were quick to respond to the incident. Many firefighters, AFAD, and UMKE teams were directed to the region to rescue the trapped workers.

Four of the trapped workers were eventually removed from the mine with the help of other workers and construction equipment. Meanwhile, one worker remained trapped and had to be rescued by firefighters, who then rushed him to Soma State Hospital for medical attention.

The condition of the injured workers is worrying, with two of them listed in a serious state, but the other three are in good health. It was later revealed that the injured workers were still receiving medical care at the hospital.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, there have been other unfortunate events. In Istanbul, the police caught a suspected terrorist at the airport, while in Pakistan, the streets have become a battlefield with one person confirmed dead and several arrests made.

It’s important to remember and acknowledge the risks associated with working in mines and the need to prioritize workplace safety. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the trapped workers, and we hope for their swift recovery.


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