Understanding the HUNOR Space Program Training

The Hungarian to Orbit (Hunor) program is making strides with its four candidates; Gyula Cserényi, Tibor Kapu, Ádám Schlégl, and András Szakály. During an interview on Kossuth Radio, the candidates discussed the third phase of their training, which involves the acquisition of specialized knowledge about the international space station and research and development work.

The first two phases of training covered topics such as the history of space exploration, space agencies, the mission, and various disciplines required for the actual mission, including cosmology, geology, rocket physics, and physiology. They also obtained their Private Pilot License (PPL) and performed aerobatic exercises, as well as participated in swimming drills and followed a monitored diet.

The next phase of training will take place in the United States, where centrifugal training will be provided to simulate the exact forces that astronauts will experience during liftoff. The candidates will also become familiar with the space station’s modules and instruments and receive training in providing first aid in a microgravity environment.

Moreover, the candidates will soon commence scientific experiments during their 30-day stay abroad. The program is currently in the process of selecting and finalizing the experiments that will be included in this phase of the project. The Hunor program, in collaboration with Kossuth Radio, is tackling significant topics related to space exploration, demonstrating Hungary’s involvement in the future of space exploration.


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