Wizz Air suspends flights to popular holiday destinations

Wizz Air Cancels and Suspends More Summer Flights

Last week, Wizz Air, the Hungarian budget airline, made significant changes to its summer timetable, cancelling or suspending several flights to Mediterranean tourist destinations. This week, the airline announced even more cancellations and suspensions, this time affecting routes to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

According to, Wizz Air is not only reducing flight frequency to some Mediterranean destinations, but also cancelling and suspending popular routes. The airline had high hopes for their Saudi-Arabia flights, but has now decided to close their Dammam flight. Despite allowing passengers to book tickets for flights up to April, those flights have now been removed from the timetable, leading to believe that Wizz Air has ceased to carry passengers on that route.

While tickets to Dammam were inexpensive at only EUR 10, the expensive visa to Saudi Arabia may have been an obstacle in making it a popular holiday destination. Wizz Air has also decided to suspend its flight to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt for the summer, although the route to Hurghada remains on the airline’s timetable.

In a surprise move, Wizz Air has also announced the suspension of its flight to Antalya from Debrecen, instead opening a new route to Istanbul from the Eastern Hungarian city. However, this closure was not officially communicated by Wizz Air.

On a more positive note, the Pécs-Pogány airport has announced a new flight to Corfu. The airport has convinced the Maltese Universal Air carrier to launch flights from Malta to Munich via Pécs, with the first planes set to depart on 26 March. Additionally, Universal Air has announced another flight from the Southern Hungarian city to Corfu, Greece, with the first passengers departing on 15 May.

As Wizz Air continues to make changes to its summer schedule, travelers are advised to stay updated on the latest developments. With the airline suspending several routes and making unexpected closures, it is important to check for any potential disruptions to travel plans.

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