Yerevan Protests Escalate: Hundreds Detained Over Border Deal

Armenian Police Detain Hundreds of Anti-Government Protesters Over Territory Dispute

Armenian police have detained over 270 anti-government protesters who were attempting to block traffic in Yerevan. The protesters were demonstrating against controversial territorial concessions made to neighboring Azerbaijan, which resulted in several border villages being returned to Azerbaijan’s control.

The protests, led by Archbishop Bagrat Galstanian, called for a “nationwide campaign of disobedience” and demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian. The deal that sparked the protests involved the return of control of several border villages to Azerbaijan, a move that has been met with strong opposition from many Armenians.

The demonstrations in Yerevan have been ongoing, with protesters taking to the streets to voice their discontent with the government’s handling of the territorial dispute. The Interior Ministry confirmed the detention of over 270 protesters on May 27th.

The situation remains tense in Armenia as the protests continue, with many calling for a reversal of the territorial concessions. The government, led by Prime Minister Pashinian, will have to navigate a delicate situation in order to address the concerns of the protesters and maintain stability in the country.


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