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13 Arrested in Anti-Terror Operations in Van

The fight against terrorist organizations remains a top priority as efforts to expose and prevent their activities continue. In a recent series of operations conducted between 5-11 February, authorities were able to capture 13 individuals suspected to be involved with the terrorist organization PKK/KCK.

The operations were carried out by dedicated teams who were committed to dismantling the activities of these groups. As a result of their efforts, action has been taken against the detained suspects.

This is yet another example of the ongoing battle against terrorism and the dedication of law enforcement and security forces to ensure the safety and security of the public. These operations serve as an important reminder of the ongoing threat posed by such organizations, and the necessity of continued vigilance in combating their activities.

The capture of these individuals is a significant achievement in the ongoing fight against terrorism, and serves as a testament to the commitment and determination of those working tirelessly to counter these threats. The efforts to expose, capture, and prevent the activities of terrorist organizations will undoubtedly continue as authorities remain unwavering in their pursuit of a safer and more secure society.


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