UN Secretary General Warns of World Entering Chaos Age

UN Secretary General Calls for Renewed Focus on Global Peace and Security

In a recent written statement, UN Secretary General Guterres has warned of the escalating chaos and unpredictability in the world, emphasizing the need to strengthen and update global peace and security frameworks. Guterres pointed out the dangers of a world marked by dangerous freedom and impunity, calling for a renewed approach to address the complexities of today’s multipolar world.

One of the key points highlighted by Guterres is the need for the United Nations Security Council to not only make decisions but also effectively implement them. He stressed the importance of updating the working methods of the Council and finding ways to make progress even in the face of sharp differences of opinion among its members.

Guterres made a powerful statement, declaring, “Peace is humanity’s greatest responsibility.” He acknowledged the prevalence of anger and hatred in the world today, lamenting the continuous conflicts and wars that seem to plague our daily lives. According to Guterres, the missing piece in every global issue is peace, and he urged for a collective effort to fulfill humanity’s responsibility for peace and security.

In conclusion, Guterres called for a unified commitment to peace, stating that, “In this difficult and divided moment, we must fulfill this obligation for today and for future generations.” His powerful words echo the urgent need for a renewed focus on global peace and security in the face of an increasingly chaotic and unpredictable world.


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