e-Government Inquiry: Mobilization Duty Order for Personnel

The Ministry of National Defense has recently integrated the mobilization duty order inquiry procedures into e-government services. This new feature allows individuals to easily check if they have been given an Expeditionary Task Order to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

So, what exactly is a Personnel Expedition Duty Order? It is a service that allows individuals to confirm whether they have been given an Expeditionary Task Order after completing their active duty service and within the legal age limit. If no expedition task order is found, the response will indicate “Personnel Your Expedition Task Order Status: NONE.”

To make an inquiry about the mobilization order, candidates can log in to e-government using their TR ID numbers and passwords. From there, they can simply type “Personnel expedition duty order inquiry” into the search button to access the service and check their status.

This new feature aims to streamline the process for individuals who are eager to confirm their mobilization duty status. With just a few simple steps, they can access important information about their duty order. This integration into e-government is a positive development that demonstrates the government’s commitment to making essential services more accessible to the public.


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