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16 Suspects Arrested in Fraud Scheme at Industrial Site in Ankara

Police Detain 16 Suspects in Fraud Investigation at Şaşmaz Industrial Site

An investigation has been launched following reports of fraudulent transactions at the Şaşmaz Industrial Site, according to a statement from the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The Organized Branch Directorate of the Police Department conducted a thorough investigation into allegations including “establishing, managing and being a member of an organization for the purpose of committing a crime”, “aggravated fraud”, “plunder”, “abuse of trust”, “aggravated theft”, “forgery of official documents”, and “deliberate injury”. As a result, 16 out of the 23 suspects who were issued detention orders for crimes such as “damage to property”, “threat”, and “insult” have been detained.

While one suspect is abroad and three are currently in prison, efforts to locate and apprehend the remaining three fugitives are ongoing.

During the searches conducted at the suspects’ residences, authorities seized 1.2 million liras, along with four unlicensed pistols, 225 cartridges, and three shotguns.

The investigation into the fraudulent activities at Şaşmaz Industrial Site is still ongoing as authorities work to bring all suspects to justice.


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