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AI Cheaters Banned from YKS Exams for 2 Years

Isparta Police Department teams have made a significant discovery during the recent TYT examination. It was found that a candidate was using an electronic device to cheat on the exam. This incident has serious consequences according to the Law No. 6114 on Measurement, Selection and Placement Center Services.

The candidate in question was arrested after the exam and it was revealed that he had used artificial intelligence to solve exam questions by receiving help from the internet provider and a button camera. As a result, the candidate is facing a sentence of imprisonment from 1 to 4 years for cheating in the exam.

The law also addresses the issue of cheating in exams and states that if any illegal behavior is detected through various means such as camera recordings or phone records, the exam of the candidate will be considered invalid and the rights granted to them will be revoked.

ÖSYM, the institution responsible for conducting exams, has implemented strict measures to prevent cheating. Candidates are only allowed to have water in a transparent bottle with them during the exam, and they are subject to thorough searches before entering the exam buildings. Security cameras are used to monitor exam halls and recordings are used as evidence when necessary.

In cases where candidates are found to be using unauthorized equipment or engaging in suspicious behavior, the exam can be canceled and the candidate may face a ban on taking future exams. Additionally, individuals who take photos or use their phones during the exam are also under suspicion of cheating.

It is crucial for all candidates to adhere to the rules and regulations set by ÖSYM to ensure the integrity of the examination process. Cheating not only undermines the fairness of the exams but also carries severe legal consequences. Let this be a reminder to all candidates to approach exams with honesty and integrity.


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