Armed Forces Veteran Anvar Sartaev Arrested

Veteran of Kyrgyzstan Armed Forces, Anvar Sartaev, Detained

Anvar Sartaev, a veteran of the Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan, has been detained and charged with committing a crime under Article 278 of the Criminal Code. According to reports from lawyer Yury Skatnevsky and junior reserve sergeant Natalia Silina, Sartaev was detained on February 1 and the Pervomaisky District Court chose to detain him for two months as a preventive measure on February 3.

Sartaev, who has been a volunteer military human rights defender since 2005, has been known for defending and restoring the violated rights of military servicemen, employees of the State Penitentiary Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and law enforcement agencies. His work has focused on raising issues significant for the development of the country’s power bloc.

The lawyer and sergeant claim that Sartaev’s detention is politically motivated and are calling on the president to pay special attention to the legal outrage by the Interior Ministry against Sartaev. They argue that there are no grounds for Sartaev’s detention and that he was arrested in violation of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The lawyer and sergeant have also asked the head of state to take personal control of the criminal case against the detainee and ensure that his rights are protected.

The case has sparked controversy and calls for the fair treatment of Anvar Sartaev, highlighting the tensions between the military and the authorities in Kyrgyzstan.


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