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Arrests Made in Terrorist Operation in Koceeli

Two Terrorism Suspects Captured in Kocaeli Operation

Two individuals believed to be affiliated with terrorist organizations PKK and DAESH were apprehended in a recent operation conducted in the Gölcük and Körfez districts of Kocaeli. Following their detention and subsequent legal proceedings, the suspects have been officially arrested and placed in custody.

The Kocaeli Provincial Gendarmerie Command initiated the operation, targeting a PKK member in Gölcük and a DAESH member in Körfez. After successful apprehensions, the two suspects were transferred to the courthouse for further legal action, ultimately resulting in their arrest and imprisonment.

The capture of these individuals is a significant achievement in the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and ensure the safety and security of the region. The authorities remain vigilant and committed to identifying and apprehending those involved in terrorist activities, working tirelessly to uphold justice and protect the welfare of the community.


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