Haluk Levent Offered Hatay Candidacy by CHP, Lütfü Savaş’s Candidacy in Question

Haluk Levent, famed Turkish artist and humanitarian, has been making headlines in Hatay, a region recovering from a recent earthquake. His aid and support to the earthquake-affected area have garnered him the love and admiration of the local community. As a result, rumors have been circulating about his potential candidacy for the position of Hatay Metropolitan Municipality Mayor.

However, Haluk Levent took to social media to address these rumors, stating that he has no intention of entering politics. In a heartfelt message to his followers, he expressed his gratitude for the offers that came from various political parties, but ultimately, he affirmed that his decision to steer clear of politics is final.

“I’m the president of the dude,” Levent humorously said in his statement, indicating his desire to remain apolitical. Despite the tempting offers, he believes that there is still much to be done in the humanitarian and charitable realm, and he remains committed to his current pursuits.

It remains to be seen whether Lütfü Savaş’s candidacy will be withdrawn in light of this development. For now, Haluk Levent seems content to continue serving the people of Hatay through his charitable endeavors, rather than through a political role.


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