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Ukrainian Regions Hit By Intense Russian Missile and Drone Strikes

On February 7, Ukraine experienced a wave of Russian missile and drone strikes, leading to a significant loss of life and widespread infrastructure damage. At least five people were killed, and dozens were left wounded, with extensive damage to energy infrastructure in six regions across the country.

The strikes resulted in four fatalities in a high-rise apartment block in Kyiv, the country’s capital. The attacks also resulted in multiple injuries and damage to electricity lines, disrupting power and heating supplies in parts of Kyiv.

The relentless attacks caused the Ukrainian Air Force to retaliate. The Ukrainian military reported that Russia launched 64 drones and missiles at Ukrainian territory, resulting in the destruction of 29 missiles and 15 drones.

Further reports suggested that Russia’s air defense systems intercepted two waves of Ukrainian airborne attacks, destroying a total of 12 rockets and drones in the southwestern region of Belgorod. This retaliation also led to injuries in the region.

In response to the escalating conflict, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell visited the war-torn region to support Ukraine. Highlighting the urgent need for military assistance, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba emphasized the critical requirement for artillery support due to the intensification of the conflict.

Amid the chaos, Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), visited the Russia-occupied Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant to assess the situation and safety precautions amid the ongoing conflict.

The continued disruption and violence have sparked a renewed call for military aid and support to address the needs of the Ukrainian people. The United States has pledged to provide crucial aid despite facing political roadblocks in Congress.

As the conflict escalates, the international community remains deeply concerned about the devastating impact of the ongoing hostilities and the urgent need to provide humanitarian and military support to Ukraine.


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