BOTEK’s Signature on the National Warplane KAAN’s Paint

Turkey’s first warplane, the KAAN, recently took flight, marking a significant milestone in the country’s defense industry. The development of this fighter plane was done with domestic resources and the collaboration of many Turkish companies, including the use of military standard paints developed by the Turkish company BOTEK.

The KAAN warplane was developed under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries and the main contractor, TAI, as part of the National Combat Aircraft Project. The use of domestically developed military standard paints in the KAAN prototype, such as ALPAR MIL-PRF-23377 Primer Paint and MIL-PRF-85285 Polyurethane Topcoat Aircraft Paints by BOTEK, highlights the capabilities of Turkish companies in the defense industry.

These high-strength aircraft paints are designed to withstand extreme air temperatures ranging from -55°C to 50°C, ensuring the protection of systems and platforms from deformation and corrosion during flight. BOTEK Ar-Ge Kimya A.Ş. underwent 33 tests and received accreditation from international organizations for the development of these paints.

In addition to the KAAN warplane, domestically developed military standard paints by BOTEK are also used in other defense projects such as the ANKA-3 Unmanned Combat Aircraft, HÜRJET Jet Development Aircraft, and various other platforms produced by TAI and Roketsan. Collaborative efforts between TAI and BOTEK are ongoing to develop functional paints and coatings for the National Combat Aircraft.

BOTEK Ar-Ge Kimya A.Ş., based in HAB Ankara Space and Aviation Specialized Organized Industrial Zone, has the capacity to produce strategic and niche products according to customer requirements. The use of domestically developed military standard paints in advanced defense projects showcases Turkey’s growing capabilities in the defense industry.

Overall, the integration of BOTEK’s military standard paints in the KAAN warplane and other defense projects exemplifies Turkey’s commitment to enhancing its domestic defense capabilities with innovative solutions developed by local companies.



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