BRTK Assembly Meeting Concludes

In a recent session of the Assembly of the Republic, tensions ran high as CTP Chairman Tufan Erhürman clashed with YDP Chairman Erhan Arıklı. The heated exchange between the two party leaders resulted in a temporary halt to the proceedings, with all current speeches being withdrawn.

Erhürman criticized Arıklı for what he viewed as a failure to address important issues facing the country, particularly concerning problems at Ercan airport. The CTP Chairman accused Arıklı of playing politics instead of providing meaningful answers to parliamentary inquiries.

Arıklı, on the other hand, defended his actions, stating that Erhürman had been deliberately prolonging his speech and provoking the situation. The YDP Chairman retaliated by calling Erhürman “immoral and ill-mannered,” sparking further animosity between the two politicians.

Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Fazilet Özdenefe, expressed her disappointment with the behavior displayed by the MPs, emphasizing that such disputes do not reflect the image that the society expects from its elected representatives. She urged all members to conduct themselves with respect and decorum in the parliamentary setting.

Despite attempts to defuse the situation, verbal sparring continued, with both Erhürman and Arıklı trading barbs over their conduct and responsibilities as public figures. The session was eventually closed, leaving unresolved tensions between the rival party leaders.

As the dust settles on this contentious parliamentary meeting, the focus now shifts to the next Assembly session scheduled for Monday, March 11. It remains to be seen whether the animosity between Erhürman and Arıklı will continue to overshadow the legislative agenda, or if a more conciliatory tone will prevail in future debates.


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