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Hamas responds to UN report on October 7 attacks

The Movement Condemns the UN Report on Sexual Violence Allegations

A recent statement released by a movement criticized the report by Patten, the UN’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence, regarding allegations of sexual violence in a specific region. The movement claimed that Patten went to the area at the invitation of the Israeli government to investigate these allegations but published the report without meeting any victims of sexual violence and solely relying on witness statements.

The statement strongly rejected and condemned Patten’s report, which accused Palestinian resistance fighters of committing rape and sexual violence during certain events. It was claimed that the report was part of the Zionists’ efforts to discredit the Palestinian resistance and divert attention from the real human rights violations suffered by Palestinian women and girls.

Moreover, the statement highlighted that Patten’s report was not based on the accounts of the alleged victims but on Israeli institutions, soldiers, and witnesses handpicked by the Israeli administration. This led to accusations of bias and an attempt to manipulate the narrative to favor the Israeli perspective.

The movement emphasized that the false accusations made in the report would not erase the atrocities committed by Zionists in the region, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Palestinians, including women and children. The statement also criticized Patten for disregarding international decisions and reports that contradict her findings.

In response, Pramila Patten, the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones, defended her report during a press conference, stating that she was unable to meet any victims during her investigation due to certain limitations. However, the movement remains steadfast in its stance against the allegations made in the report and continues to advocate for the rights of Palestinian victims.


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