China Unveils Railway Station Linking Past and Future

A blend of the past and future: China’s new modern train station

China has recently completed the construction of a new train station that beautifully blends the country’s past with its future. The ambitious project was undertaken by the esteemed construction company MAD Architects, who took inspiration from the old Jiaxing Railway Station. This historical station, originally built in 1907 in the South-East of China, served as the basis for the design of the new transport hub.

In an effort to faithfully recreate the original building, the company’s architects meticulously studied old photographs and preserved documentation of the station, which had undergone several cycles of destruction and reconstruction. The result is a building that closely resembles the original while boasting ultramodern features. Notably, the construction process utilized about 21,000 bricks made from the mud of a local lake, emphasizing a commitment to local materials and sustainability.

In addition to the architectural design, landscape specialists were engaged to enhance the surroundings of the station. Over one and a half thousand trees were planted, and artificial hills resembling natural landscape features were created to complement the station’s aesthetic.

The new station isn’t just a transport hub. It will also feature cultural institutions and retail outlets, offering visitors and commuters a diverse range of amenities. Moreover, to reduce energy consumption, the construction incorporates solar panels and extensive use of glass for lighting purposes.

The completed building is adjacent to the main structure, which is mostly underground, symbolically linked by a glass facade that separates the past and the future. All transport and commercial functions have been moved underground, resulting in an increased number of lines from five to six.

It is estimated that by 2025, the new station will cater to a passenger traffic of 5,280 thousand people per year. As a testament to the combination of history and innovation, the new train station stands as a symbol of Chinese progress and reverence for its heritage.

Source: ORIENT news
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