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Three Public Workers’ Unions Strike in Northern Cyprus

The Cyprus Turkish Public Servants’ Union (KTAMS), Turkish Cypriot Public Servants’ Union (KAMUSEN) and Public Workers’ Union (KAMU-İŞ) held a two-hour strike and press statement at the Kyrenia Social Insurance Office in protest of employment problems and staff reassignment.

The unions are protesting against the reassignment of a staff member, despite the existing shortage of personnel, and issued a warning that if this issue is not resolved, further protests will take place.

The press release at the Kyrenia Social Insurance Office was delivered by KAMUSEN President Metin Atan, KTAMS President Güven Bengihan, and KAMU-İŞ President Ahmet Serdaroğlu.

On the other hand, Social Insurance Department Director Tahir Serhat defended the appointment, stating that it was made to address the staff shortage in the Pension Service in Nicosia.

KAMUSEN President Metin Atan expressed concerns over the increased workload at the Kyrenia Social Insurance Office and the lack of personnel to meet the demands.

KTAMS Chairman Güven Bengihan criticized what he deemed to be “partisan and arbitrary appointments” and called for the withdrawal of the appointment. He also urged the Minister of Labor and Social Security to take accountability for the situation.

KAMU-İŞ President Ahmet Serdaroğlu highlighted the ongoing issue of “nepotism and partisanship” in public services and called for politicians to discipline themselves in their decision-making.

The unions have indicated that they will continue to escalate their protests until their demands are met and the issues are resolved.


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