Crowded Maiden’s Tower Queue.

Visitors Flock to Maiden’s Tower After 2-Year Closure

After 2 years of being closed, the Maiden’s Tower in Istanbul has reopened to visitors. The tower, which is a popular tourist attraction, drew a large crowd when it opened its doors again.

People of all ages and backgrounds went to the Maiden’s Tower to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful view. Boat trips to the tower were particularly popular, with many visitors taking advantage of the opportunity to travel there by boat.

For those who had never been to the Maiden’s Tower before, admission was free until the end of May. This gave many people the chance to experience the tower for the first time without any cost.

The reopening of the Maiden’s Tower was celebrated with a special light show, which attracted a large number of citizens. The tower was lit up with colorful lights, creating a stunning visual display.

Overall, it was a successful reopening for the Maiden’s Tower, and many visitors expressed their delight at finally being able to visit this iconic landmark once again.


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